Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Race Week

About one year ago I finished my first Ironman 70.3.  Self-coached and new to the sport, I approached the race with zero expectations.  Because of this, my anxiety was very low (about as low as it can be when you’re about to do a 70.3 mile race) if not non-existent.

This year is different.  For the past year I’ve been involved with a triathlon group that trains together, I’ve been coached and have executed training completely different.  I’ve operated under the ‘less is more’ strategy that incorporates constant recovery, I’ve done weights (yes, runners and cyclists do weights), I’ve gotten massages, and have put much more emphasis on stretching and flexibility.  Not to mention, I’ve paid a lot closer attention to nutrition.  This year I’m ten times more prepared than I was last year, but ironically my anxiety is through the roof!

Some of my fellow triathlete friends were joking the other day regarding the week leading up to a race.  The days prior to the event can really mess with your mind and body, as both have been used to a certain lifestyle/load for several months.  Imagine abruptly taking crack away from an addict.  So far I’ve felt a little on edge, slightly irritable, I’ve got ‘phantom’ pains that are appearing out of nowhere, I’m tired and just ‘off.’

Look for a post-race follow-up blog a few days after this Sunday, April 22, 2012 as I travel to New Orleans to do my second Ironman 70.3.


  1. Brian you are an amazing athlete! Craig always talks about how committed to training you are. You are SO prepared and you are going to be amazing in this race! Just think of how few people accomplish something like this. Isn't the statistic that something like 1% of the US are triathletes? You are going to be amazing and we'll think thinking about you and praying for you!! Good luck to both you and Jessie!! Love you both!

    1. You're awesome. Thank you so much! We'll keep you posted. Look forward to seeing a very tired Brian & Jessie next Tuesday morning. Love you guys!

  2. You got this Brian! And just think - after what EC did for the 5k, who knows what will come from this! Be sure to post your tri number or something so we can follow you!