Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Observations on a run this morning

Here are a couple of observations I made while on my run this morning:

Climate can make or break you

Notice anything interesting when comparing these two runs?

Thursday, August 19, 2010
Running distance: 4.0 Miles
Total time: 31:58
Mile 1: 7:21
Mile 2: 7:24
Mile 3: 8:01
Mile 4: 8:39
Average pace: 7:56
Average heart rate: 173bpm
Time of run: 4:48p
Temperature of run: 100+

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Running distance: 4.0 Miles
Total time: 31:20
Mile 1: 8:04
Mile 2: 7:53
Mile 3: 7:57
Mile 4: 7:24
Average pace: 7:50
Average heart rate: 154bpm
Time of run: 7:42a
Temperature of run: 74

Pretty obvious, I know. But I find it fascinating to actually see this written out: The weather can make such a dramatic difference in performance. Here I am, running identical distances, on the same streets, in almost the same time and pace, yet the run in the 100+ degree heat requires my heart to work 13% harder. That’s 20 beats per minute (bpm) more. And that is a significant difference you can feel. It’s the difference between being able to chat while running, and barely being able to suck enough oxygen down in order to sustain your pace. It’s the difference between finishing feeling miserable and fatigued, and feeling energized and ready to go.

Some people are mean

My average heart rate for my run this morning could have been lower, had it not spiked when a driver made me upset. Here’s what happened. I had a green light, a cross walk and a lit-up walking figure that gave me right-of-way (not to mention the fact that I’m a human being – aka: pedestrian) at an intersection. I glanced over my left shoulder to see if traffic was coming, and there was a car that was on its way to turn right. He began to slow down, as did I, it was safe, so I proceeded to cross. Everything was fine… until he slammed on his horn. Wait. What? Seriously? The driver was going 6mph when he was making the turn, and slams on his horn at someone who had the right-of-way? How about a little bit of patience (coming from the guy who has vented at least 1, 2, 3 times about traffic, yes) or some common sense, decency, [insert word to describe normal person here], etc.? Perhaps he didn't see me. Right. That's what I figured when I turned around and he had his fist up in the air at me --- I couldn't make out a middle finger through the Dodge Neon tinted windows.

So by power of deduction, or process of elimination, it’s safe to assume this guy was not a runner, not a cyclist, not patient, and not a good driver. I wonder: had I been a mother with her child, would he have honked? What about kids crossing, as could have well undoubtedly been the case considering he was 30 paces from a school zone. You know, everyone once in a while I come across these people, I’m just glad it doesn’t happen often. My uncle has said that he anticipates dying from getting hit by a car while running or biking. I laughed it off when he first said it, but now I think I understand.

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  1. How many more calories did you burn with the high heat and elevated heart rate compared to the lower temp?

    And yes Brian, there are people out there in this world that just don't like you, or runners, and especially cyclist.

    I love you though.

    Much Love,