Thursday, April 22, 2010

All or Nothing

In my generation, “Generation Y” or the “Millennials” as we’re sometimes called, it’s all or nothing. Abercrombie and Fitch prints this concept on Indonesian-manufactured t-shirts marked up 1,500% but they read: “Go hard, or go home” (these shirts are in stores next to the ones that describe how hot your mom is).

But seriously. Moderation hardly exists, if it even exists at all, among people my age. If one has the desire to lose some weight, do they scale down the fried food, and up the cardio? Not a chance. They revert to a zero-carb diet (literally, zero carbohydrates), pull two-a-day’s in the gym, and hastily spend an arm and a leg on supplements. They’ll go two weeks of this full-on ambush of the body, until they get burnt out and they’re back at Wendy’s ordering a No. 6 plain and dry.

Drinking may be the worst place where this mentality exists among younger folks. God forbid a casual beer or glass of wine with dinner – no, no, no! – bust out the beer funnel, shot glasses and bag of wine, or don’t have a sip of alcohol at all. Drink ‘til you puke, or don’t drink at all, right?

On the flip side, this mentality can work to our benefit. It’s part of the reason why we are and will be such a successful generation. Consistently raising the bar on things like career advancement, public policy, academics – or heck, even beer-chugging velocity.

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