Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Uptown A-holes

So I just got done running around Dallas, did a light jog around what are known running areas: the Katy Trail and near Beverly in Highland Park. In the three or so minutes that I’m not in one of these two areas, I almost get hit by two different cars. Calm down, Dallas. I know, I know… how can you say that, Mr. “Road Rage Ranter”? Listen, there’s a complete difference between idiots on the interstate highway, and people’s driving behavior around pedestrians. Sometimes I love the area I live in. Uptown is a trendy, hip, young and fun part of Dallas. But every once in a while I start to wonder where that Texan “Southern Hospitality” is. Not that any type of hospitality should equal yielding to human beings while driving a vehicle. That should be a given no matter if you’re hospitable or from the South.

So, to the valet guy that was more concerned about delivering a car faster for a better tip than my safety, or the mother on the cell phone who acted so incredibly put out for having to (God forbid) brake for a pedestrian crossing the cross walk when the sign read “walk”… here’s to you.

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