Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have just a few brief thoughts on this Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad. For those of you that haven’t succumbed to the buzz about this topic, here’s a link to a USA Today article that ran today. It’s concise, and gives you the low-down on what’s going on.

Why do so many people object to this TV spot running during the Super Bowl? I honestly don’t get it. First and foremost, no one has seen it – I just want to be clear: not a single person, except the creators of this ad, has even seen it! There’s this huge debate about something that none of us have even seen! Speculation is swirling about the spot including the topic of abortion. Focus on the Family, the organization sponsoring it, would obviously be anti-abortion, (or is it: “pro-life” or “anti-women’s rights” as some are now calling it?) but who cares? If you’re upset about a sensitive issue running on TV, get over it. Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech is what the United States, like it or not, stands for. What about the garbage that’s all over cable television that exposes younger generations to premarital sex, drugs, prostitution, adultery and so on and so forth? What about political/controversial ads that run outside of the Super Bowl commercial line-up? Is it so much different what actual time that this spot is aired? If the sponsoring organizations can afford a $2.5 million time slot, so be it – just cover your ears, close your eyes! And honestly, is a 30-second TV spot going to change the public opinion on such a serious and deeply-rooted moral debate? If it does, you obviously didn’t have much of an investment into that topic of discussion in the first place. The women’s’ advocacy groups that are screaming out against this are making it sound like this organization who’s running the ad are a bunch women-hating-morons that don’t deserve to be heard, and in doing so, are creating even more interest in the commercial than if they ignored it and left it alone.

Bottom line: who cares, CBS is making bank.

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