Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The 2009 Dallas Turkey Trot

On Thanksgiving Day I ran the 2009 Dallas Turkey Trot. Despite living here for almost 23 years and spending well over half of my Turkey Days in Dallas, it was my first time to ever partake in the event. I was one of 37,000 participants in the 42nd annual race that supports the YMCA. Registrants could opt in to run/walk a 5K or an 8 mile. I used the event as another day-in-training for the White Rock Marathon, running the 8 mile at a relatively quick pace. As I was running, I had some thoughts…

I burned more calories and wasted more time dodging in and out of people the first couple of miles than I did hauling the remaining six.

It’s very motivating to run in Downtown Dallas, in between giant skyscrapers, across major highways and through Deep Ellum.

As some of the more seasoned runners passed me, I felt my competitive side creep out. I would speed up, eye down the passer-by, and mumble under my breath: “Oh no you don’t!” I probably need to chill out on that.

It was neat to see all of the supporters that lined the streets, especially the over-obese man sitting in a lawn chair, drinking a [9:30a] beer, smoking a cigarette – having absolutely zero desire to participate in anything even remotely close to ‘exercise.’

I found myself smiling about the entire experience. Yes, I know, it’s just a Turkey Trot, but it felt like more. 37,000 people of all nations, ages and races, coming together in a community – but not just any community: my city, my life, Dallas – all brought together through the bond of wellness, of well-being. Every person I passed (which was a lot due to my blazing speed and incredible athletic ability) I wanted to pat on the back and say: “Good for you!”

Looking forward to next year.

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