Friday, December 11, 2009

Karma in the rear-end

Monday evening, on my way home from work, a girl in her mid 20s from the University of Oklahoma smashed the back of my Mazda, causing $7.5K in damages. It now seems safe to assume that all my ramblings and rants about traffic have come back to bite me where it hurts: in the rear-end.

I had just dropped off my dry cleaning at a place that’s within a 20-second walk from my apartment before the accident occurred. I was stationary in a one-lane road waiting for on-coming traffic to pass so I could turn left. My blinker was on, I had done everything right – except think to use my psychic ability, look in my rear-view and hit my non-existent NOS button to get out of a 2005 Chevy Tahoe’s way. Rear-window shattered, I was shoved forward (luckily not into on-coming traffic) and that was all she wrote.

Luckily for me the girl had great insurance. It took me a shorter amount of time to sort everything out with the wreck – estimates, liability, damage repairs, rental pick-up, etc. – than it does for me to get my oil changed. Odd concept.

Nonetheless, this accident still made me think of how stupid drivers are. The girl obviously wasn’t paying any attention (one lane road + rear-collision + $7.5K damage = obviously), she was most likely texting – looking down at her phone – and not the road. And because she had to send another Sooner a text message that couldn’t wait until she was home, or God-forbid at a red light, I now have to drive around in a Toyota “the Red Rocket” Camry that reeks of Marlboro Reds, marijuana and stale cab driver. It’s amazing how loose/non-existent the prerequisites are in order to be able to operate machinery that weighs 4,500lbs and can go up to 100m.p.h.

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