Friday, December 11, 2009

Higher toll rates

Article in today’s Dallas Morning News indicates that the “NTTA may consider higher rush-hour toll rates.” Here are some quick details…

- Toll rates jumped 23 percent Sept. 1 and are 14.5 cents per mile
- They will automatically increase 5.6 percent every two years
- Rates could jump as much as 17 percent during rush hour after January 2012

Evidently the “prospect of higher rates during rush hour could lower NTTA's interest costs” which would make it easier for “… NTTA to build the 28-mile Southwest Parkway in Tarrant County.”

Are you kidding me? There’s a prospect of charging commuters even more money than we already pay to help build something that the majority of us won’t even use? I think what’s even more cruel is this idea that we’re going to be charged more money while sitting in traffic. If it was more money to be able to drive 90 with hardly any congestion, perhaps I’d understand this increase in the rate. Ridiculous.

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