Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Number crunching v. Analyzing

I think there’s a major difference between number-crunching and analyzing. Number-crunching involves monotonous, methodical, mundane, mindless routine with no substance to drive it. Number-crunchers can easily have a conversation or rock Pandora while performing their tasks. To me, analyzing numbers or a particular dataset is completely different. You have to truly understand all sorts of angles and dimensions to what you’re doing. On the front end, objectives need to be clear in order to truly define the direction you wish to take in examining a situation. One has to know exactly how to execute this in order to best deliver those objectives. On the back end, interpreting the results as more of a story instead of sheer characters on a page is critical in helping drive strategy moving forward. Data-driven decisions are becoming a necessity in cut throat organizations that want to track every penny out, and every penny in. Number-crunching is one thing, but legitimate analytics is something entirely different.

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