Thursday, October 29, 2009

Traffic: My thoughts #1

Anytime there’s a traffic jam due to an accident do people think like I do? Doubt it. Here’s what I think:

I’m sitting here in traffic because some moron made an error. There was a lapse in human judgment, performance, whatever and ultimately a human being made a mistake.

Allow me to digress. Listen, I understand that ‘accidents happen.’ The other night it was pouring down rain. I backed out of my driveway as I do every day but this time I experienced a lapse in concentration and forgot that we put our recycling bins by the alley on this day. Due to the pouring down rain and it being dark outside (this depressing time of year when the earth sits on its axis all messed up) I bumped – literally, bumped – our big, blue plastic bin and knocked it over. It broke my rear tail light. So again, I understand that there are such things in life called accidents, and that they undoubtedly occur.

But when you’re driving 65 miles per hour maybe people ought to not text on their cell phone, maybe not even talk on it. Perhaps you should turn the subs down just a smidge. Because inevitably, if everyone actually drove the way you’re supposed to drive: signal, check your blind spots, be defensive, use the mirrors, etc. these accidents should not happen. And in turn, sitting in hours worth of traffic, which equates to cumulated weeks in a person’s life, should…not…happen.

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